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The Coonan & Denlay brand represents an elite range of equestrian headwear, founded in Australia in 1947. For Coonan & Denlay, safety, standards, style and customer satisfaction are our priority. We pride ourselves to exceed all expectations. We listen, we create. Coonan & Denlay demonstrate an approach that promotes authenticity and respect for the equestrian industry, and it survives in a spirit of tradition and innovation.

Albion Sports Pty. Ltd, leaders in head protection, have been providing top of the range helmets for the cricket industry since 1977. Originating as providers of equestrian headwear (Coonan & Denlay), Albion Sports Pty. Ltd are proud to relaunch the Coonan & Denlay brand, and the equestrian helmet range. The first range to be launched is designed for jockeys within the horse racing industry.


Coonan & Denlay and albion cricket - Home of the Australian Baggy Green

baggy greenIn 1941, the Albion brand is a creation of industry expertise and entrepreneurship pioneered by Alec Cohen and Frank Sinclair.  Together they began the Albion Manufacturing Company in NSW, Australia. Soon after Alec Bart, a trained cap maker joined, and Albion began making all forms of caps, particularly as various vogue styles reached the country. The name of the firm was changed around the late 1950's to the Albion Hat and Cap Company Pty Ltd.

In 1977, an Australian cricket player suffered a broken jaw from being hit with a cricket ball. Tony Henson, the owner of Coonan & Denlay Pty Ltd, who specialised in equestrian helmets at the time, heard of the incident. Henson was adamant that head protection was also needed in cricket, however his colleagues were pessimistic, suggesting that 'they want us to make something that can withstand half a house brick at a hundred miles an hour'.... But Henson persisted and using his equestrian helmet expertise, he designed a helmet that provided protection without compromising aesthetics.

Later that year, Albion C&D was born, and helmets were to be used as protection of batsmen during cricket. Due to huge expansion of the evolving cricket helmet and acceptance in the cricket industry, Henson's equestrian helmets became overshadowed, and Albion C&D's large range of helmets and caps are recognised and worn all over the world today.



In late 2011, Brendan Denning - General Manager at the time, acquired the ownership of the company. Brendan's proactivity lead to many significant changes in the company, including the re-location of Albion Sports' headquarters to Melbourne, and the change of name from Albion Hat and Cap Company Pty. Ltd to Albion Sports Pty. Ltd. - with the vision to become the leading manufacturer in 'sports headwear protection'. "It's time to go back to our grassroots.... equestrian helmets are in need of a lift, and safety standards need to be exceeded" ...and so the re-launch of Coonan & Denlay began.


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